Open Publishing
Show Me Science
Read, Write, Publish, Review.
PubPub is a platform for totally transparent publishing.
Three Core Experiments
Modern Publishing
A rich and collaborative open-source editor allows for evolving content and formats. Publishing is by the author and immediate. Publishing is versioned and we encourage publishing early and often to capture the full history of your work.
Distributed Review
Review is distributed across many communities and done in the open. Rewarding constructive reviews and incentivizing progress rather than elitism opens the process to all that are capable.
Grassroots Journals
Journals serve as curators rather than gatekeepers. Pubs can be submitted to and featured in as many journals as is relevant. No more silos. Journals can be run for large or small audiences, by institutions or individuals. Everyone can be a journal.
Open, Rich Publishing
Author-driven publishing
Free and immediate publishing
Versioned histories
Built Open
An open medium for dynamic, rich peer-review and discussion
Open-sourced and evolving. PubPub is a dedicated to building a platform accessible to all
Focused on implementing open standards that make your publication exportable, machine-readable, and interopable.
Grassroots Journals
Created by anyone for any community
Journals become tools for curating published content. Not gatekeepers of scientific progress
Rich, Collaborative Editing
In-line rich discussion
Versioned Publication History
Custom grassroots journals